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Provide Value

Useful information lasts longer in the minds of your audience than blog posts about your products or service. Remember to cut though the noise. ...

November 19 2017

Wondering Why Your Book Sales Were Low?

If a reader sees an amateur book cover on a book, they will expect the whole book to be amateur. If it looks cheaply produced, then they will expect the inside quality to be cheap also, and that there has been little or no editing, proofreading, or that it has a terrible ...

November 18 2017

Don’t Know What To Post?

No problem. You can repost other people’s stuff. You can #regram other people’s photos on Instagram, and you can share other people’s links on Facebook. Your followers will look to you as a great resource for content and the go-to place to find relevant information. ...

November 16 2017

Enough Already!

No one wants to feel like they are being sold to, but people do value useful information. Figure out how can you provide value and position yourself as an expert on social media. You can provide FREE e-books, webinars, or services for your social media fans to have them ...

October 31 2017


STEP 4 Consumers build brands, not companies. You must develop your brand reputation and consistently meet your audience's expectations to create the right perceptions.   STEP 5 Focusing your efforts on your target audien ...

October 26 2017

How To Build Your Social Media Presence From Nothing To Something

STEP 1 : Consistently communicate your brand’s promise in every interaction with your audience so they develop your desired perception of it. STEP 2 : Communicate your brand ...

October 22 2017